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Various little games

JavaScript, Java or Flash:
a good Naval Battle
an attack of Space Invaders
another ancestor the Pacman
a great classic Tetris
two players for a Power 4
some reflexion with Memory
an adaptation of the game of Draughts
colors with Mastermind
dexterity with a Break-in-Bricks
vocabulary with the Hung
crosses and rounds with the Morpion
control with Driver
bubbles against gems on Hexxagon
balls in a cross for Solitaire
a miner and jewels with Boulderdash
some logical with the Towers of Hanoi
java dance for balls on this nice Pool
 take the car out the garage with Rush Hour
some fighting for this Combat
laser shooting in space with Tail Gunner
sport with a ball on Hockey
colored caracteres with Same Game
the lost way in the Maze
a lot of reflexion for Chess
oriental dominos with Mahjong
some luck for Jackpot
defend the Castles
pilot with Copter
crossing with Frogger
black n white piece for Reversi

Bonus: here a personnal utility Converter €-F,
here another personnal script for photos Album.

Download these freewares:
The Thousand Miles - Monopoly
Risk - Shanghai - Elysium
Stratego - Blobby Volley - Yams
Tarot - Othello - Domino
Mother Battles - Slam
Skrabble - Mini Golf

Bonus: Evaluate your speed clock MyCPU,
fractales on the desk Aros Fractals.

Age of Empire 2
Some goodies of the game which was a long time my reference:
new random maps, scenarios real world,
an Artificial Intelligence and an AI editor,
the keyboards short cuts and the cheat codes.

Diablo 2
My 2 characteres:
Champion Gondara Barbarian Niv75
Champion Walark Necroman Niv50
Bonus: 4 Mulets

Little games

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