Full Metal Planet, the strategic game from Ludodelire
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The strategic game from Ludodelire.

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This site allows you to play by mail Full Metal Planet (FMP).
You will find an introduction of the original game box,
book, pieces and game board, as well as the expansion box.

FMP battles are consultable by all visitors, by means of a journal,
a summary and a photo screen, or by JavaScript posting.
Actually the battles are played with a software for PC.
If you are interested to take part, you can register as a pilot.
Consult the help section for explanations on the operation of the site.

You will also find links to other sites,
the Amiga and PC version of the game, and various JavaScript games.

The site is no longer active. There will be no entry of new players or new game.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Files of the News letter: (in french)

Start: August 2001 - Free: March 2002 - Xiti: July 2002 - Stop: August 2009
Required: IE5 800x600 Hi-Colors Frame & JavaScript