Full Metal Planet,
the strategic game from Ludodelire
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ForumIntroduction of game | The book of rules | The game and the expansion | Deployment and tide | The modular board
The book of rules

Introduction of the game

Original box
Book of rules

Full Metal Planet (FMP),
the strategic game from Ludodelire,
was published in France in 1988.
It is no longer in print.

Initially, you will be able to print the digitalized version
of the original book of rules, as well as the expansion.
Easier and faster, you can consult on line
the text of the rules of the game and the expansion.
Whatever the format, this is to be read carefully of course !
The box also contains lead pieces and a board:
According to the needs of the site is added a grid of coordinated
for 4 players standard game board and for 6 players great game board.

Board of Full Metal Planet
Rules of the game and the expansion

Additional rules:
To simplicity, the rules of
deployment and future tide
seem to me strongly recommended.

The expansion provides, in addition to the rules
for managing the landing zones,
the elements of modular board.

Expansion box
Modular board

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Tournament: meeting at the game room of Boulogne Billancourt.
Forum: They rebuild the parts and the game board at home.
More: New kind of modular board.
List of various plays.

Petition for republishing of Full Metal Planet