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The modular board

Simultaneous deployment without zone

To simplify and improve the rules of the expansion, with regard to
the landings without defined zone, the players will have to respect a minimum
distance of 10 hexagon between the central pods of the astronef.
Moreover, one should not place an astronef on an edge of board.
All the minerals within a maximum 4 hexagon of the central pod are destroyed.
All deployments can be done simultaneously. The players indicate all
at the same time the pieces they place by respecting the following distances:
all the conveyors must be within a maximum of 5 hexagon of the central pod,
all the offensive pieces must be within a maximum of 3 hexagon of the central pod.
The conveyors charged with offensive pieces are regarded as offensive.

Astronef Tower Tower Tower Barge Crab Converter Bridge            Motorboat  Tank  Super tank            Mineral

Account turns bar

The single future tide

Tides management, as foreseen in the basic rule can
become very tedious when a pilot has several converters.
This is particularly true approaching turns 11 and 19 when the tides
must be shuffled. However, knowing several future tides
does not bring something to the game. This rule thus limits the number
of foreseeable future tides. Therefore, to have one or more active
converters does the same thing as the weather forecast.

Back tide chartLow tideNormal tideHigh tide

Low tide        MountainLandDrained marshDrained reefSea
Normal tide        MountainLandMarshReefSea
High tide        MountainLandFlooded marshFlooded reefSea

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