Full Metal Planet,
the strategic game from Ludodelire
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Use note


Actually Help section is a little wrong because of the use
of a software running on PC. Moreover, the site is no longer active.

Why still a site of play by mail for Full Metal Planet ?
Access not to depend on the use of a generic software like
Cyberboard, used on the Sector Ludodeliria of the Cross Games.
Then to allow to see on line the integrality of a FMP battle,
with the changes of tides, the displacements and the fight.
Finally it was the way for me to become hardened with the development
in Javascript and Php to create dynamic, animated and sound pages.
The results are illustrated in the photos galery.

If you want to play on this site, it is necessary first to register as pilot,
to provide a pseudo, a password, your e-mail and to click on [Send].
You appear now in the list of classification of the pilots (support on [F5]).
To simplify, the site does not propose a rank nor a corporation of pilots.
Before starting to play, you will have to take note of the rules of the game
(click on [Print]), as well as following adjustments: deployment and future tide.
The play by mail at least implies that the pilots consult a minimun their mail,
2 times per week, a battle is spreading out over several months.
To send a mail to another pilot, clic his name on the list of pilots,
then give your pilot name and your password.

When a battle is in inscription progress in the list,
you can take part in it while indicating, in the color chosen,
your pseudo. Click on [Valide], enter your password, [OK],
then send your inscription while clicking on [Confirm].
To be complete, the battle can require
2, 3, 4 or 6 players, according to the selected plate.

Visit the photos galery

the first order pulling is then made. The pilots land in this order.
Then the deployment is done into simultaneous: all indicate at the same time the positions
of their parts, without knowing those of the others. These two turns are managed by mail.
The second pulling gives the order of play, and there just have than to shuffle the tides.

To play, you will need to indicate [x,y] positions.
Use for that the grid of coordinated of standard board.
To have quickly information on a battle, consult
its summary, its journal or its photo screen in the list of battles.
The explanations on this list, the system of posting of
FMP battles and its operation are in the use note.
The time of loading of a battle is 1 minute on Internet.
It is possible to pass by a page of preloading of pictures.

If you encounter difficulties to make function on the server my system
of posting of battle, or if the time of loading seems to you too long,
you can download the FMP poster and visualize a battle out-line.
1-  For that, unzip the light version on your desk.
A directory is created, thus a short cut.
2-  Unzip then the sounds expansion.
3-  Lastly, you will find in the list of battles the zip corresponding with
that which you want to see. Unzip, still and always on the desk.
4-  Double-click on the short cut.
The development was not adapted to function with Netscape.

Visit the photos galery

Even it is open on line or locally, it is the poster which will make it possible
to the pilots to send their orders. The pilot taking part in who it is
the turn to play clicks on button [FMP], indicates his pseudo and
his password. At the today stage, a window opens and he writes
his actions in the form "tank (14) > [12,5]". The message is added to the journal.
The moves are checked, coded, photographed, zipped and transferred on the server.
A mail then indicates to the following to play.

At the end of turn 20, the pilots secretly indicate if they take off
her astronef(s) or if they wish to continue the battle to the turn 21.
Then, those remained will have all to take off at the end of the turn 25.
The scores indicated then in information of the players are final,
and button [FMP] is used to open the posting of the statistics.

Plan of the site